2nd Year Pre-K (4 1/2 - 5 Year Olds)

The goal of our 2nd Year Pre-Kindergarten program is to help young children grow and mature in a God centered environment with developmentally appropriate activities and instruction.  For the purpose of educational and social growth, we offer two different Pre-K class structures.  The classes on this page are geared for a child that will be 4 by March 31st of the enrolling school year.  We work with each child to help develop a love for learning, with an emphasis geared toward kindergarten readiness. For a better understanding of our entire program and how we focus on the whole child, please click on our Goals and Objective link.  

As each child continues their educational journey we strive to make each step a positive one.

All students must be toilet trained.

Goals and Objectives

Classrooms and Tuition 2017-2018 School Year

Main Campus



Miss Therese




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Lighthouse Campus



Miss Sarah $351/month
Lighthouse Campus



Miss Sarah $318/month

All tuition pricing is based on a 10 month payment schedule.