Miss Natalie

My name is Natalie Johnson, and my husband Dan and I have been married for 23 years.  We moved to Gig Harbor about 13 years ago because we wanted our children to attend school in this community. Our daughter is 19 and our son is 18 and they both are busy planning their college futures.  I love to hang out with my family, travel and explore new places, and I have a passion for photography and education.

This is my third year teaching at Stepping Stones although I started my career in education 22 years ago.  I taught 5th grade, and as I discovered my passion for younger children I moved to teaching Prekindergarten. I also co-directed at a Christian preschool.  and led the children’s department of a church for 12 years.

What I love most about my job teaching preschool is seeing the growth in the children academically, spiritually and emotionally. Since I teach the three year olds it is usually their first experience of a class environment and every concept is new to them. It is so rewarding seeing their faces when they have mastered something new and also rewarding to see them having fun doing it.  A day in my class is filled with art, crafts, music, learning about the Bible and exploring letters and numbers. We sing silly songs, read, and create works of art.  We run, play, climb, and swing outside.  Most importantly I want the kids in my class to know they are loved by their teachers and by God.

Fun Facts

I love to splurge on white chocolate lattes from Cutter’s Point.

I really like Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I grew up in the South so you may hear a southern twang or “ya’ll” every now and then.